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AdNet Telecom - Affiliates program

Regardless whether you have your own website or you manage a website, AdNet Telecom’s affiliates program can help you make additional income.
AdNet Telecom provides the opportunity of an affiliation program for the distribution of premium services, based on a modern and sound infrastructure. Additionally, the commercial positioning of our products will make their distribution easier, thus generating considerable income for our affiliates.

How does it work?

Go to to sign up. We will then provide you with the links and banners to promote our products. The clients that access our products as a result of your marketing activity shall be automatically monitored through the WHMCS platform for 90 days. When making a purchase during this time, it will be ascribed to you as a successful payment and you will be eligible to receive the success fee, according to the below grid.

Fee grid

1. Virtual servers:
Basic VM: 10%/month
Basic VM+, Advanced VM, Advanced VM+ and Expert VM: 15%/month
Expert VM+: 20%/month

2. IaaS
Start: 15%/month
Power and Pro: 20%/month

3. Dedicated servers
Products amounting to less than 100 EUR/month: 15%/month
Products with a monthly value equal to or higher than 100 EUR/month: 20%/month

Terms applicable to success fees:

- BONUS: in the first month, we will double the value of the success fees if the client pays for the ordered services at least two months in advance!
- There is no revenue limit;
- You receive a daily report regarding the activity in your affiliate account
- Payments are made into your PayPal account within 30 days from receiving the money from the client

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